Thursday, November 3, 2011

what's in a name?

i thought i'd do a really short post today about my last name.

i know, weird topic, right?

but the fact is, i get some strange looks when i tell people my pen name. the best is when they repeat it--slow like--to try it out on their tongue. 

yeah, it's definitely not a common last name but it has a special meaning for me. 

there are a few different meanings according to the baby name sites out there, but the one that kept coming up and the main reason i picked it for my alter-ego is because it means Horse Keeper.

those who know me IRL know i've been involved in the horse industry since i first laid eyes on them as a young'un. obsessed might be a word my parents would use.

(no longer) my 
handsome Slick

   my old girl, Tip

when i started looking into pen names, i checked out a couple that i thought i might like to use, but they were taken by authors already. albeit by craft book writers and recipe gurus, but i didn't think they'd appreciate an erotic romance author having the same name so i moved on. plenty of names out there, right?

but i wanted something that had some tie to my real life, so when i started looking into horse-themes, this one popped up.

i like it. it's unique. it's mine. and now you know why!

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