Sunday, November 13, 2011

it's sunday again!!!

hey sixers! welcome back. i really appreciate you coming to visit each week :)

today i'm sharing a little snippet from my new wip, Lawn Mowers. yeah, i know. weird title, but it is what it is :D

this story has just been pouring itself onto the screen, and i have to say that the characters have really surprised me with their intensity so far. 

this is a little glimpse into the mind of Markus, the bad boy of the bunch. 


Markus hooked a thumb into the waist of his jeans, pulling them down just a little further and making sure that his biceps flexed under the sheen of sun-screen and sweat. That particular move had brought more than one woman to her knees for a little afternoon-delight. 

Apparently made of sterner stuff, Faye's expression remained impassive.

Man, he loved a challenge.

Smile widening, he began a variation of the same question he’d tossed her way twice a week for the past month. “You look bored, Ms. Rogers.”

check out my fellow sixers at Six Sentence Sunday. there are so many talented writers out there! i only have time to read through about 1/3 or maybe 1/2 each week, so my apologies to those who drop by and comment if i don't get the opportunity to return the favor!


  1. lol...okay, I like Markus...he seems fun! Great six :)

  2. Markus doesn't know what he's getting into, I'm sure! Or is it the other way round? :D

  3. He may not have gotten Faye's attention, but he has mine! ;)

  4. So funny! Made me laugh aloud, espec the line of her being made of sterner stuff. Visuals were very clear; could almost feel his body. ;-) I'm definitely NOT made of sterner stuff.

  5. markus is definitely fun, if not a little intense at times :D good thing he's cute, because he's bad!

  6. I made a great decision to stop by this Sunday. I love the dynamic of Faye and Markus. She's not easy and he's not a quitter. I can't wait for next week!

  7. Ooooh...another bad boy snippet! I like!

  8. I can totally see that pose, that flirt. Oh, yum, Mr. Markus!