Friday, November 11, 2011

if two's better than one, then three must be...

i've been writing. 

but not Diva Diet! it's still there, but this new story is just bursting forth and i need to get it all down while it's flowing.

the little tale that has been kicking around my brain for the past couple of months has finally exploded into full-blown plotness. 

i'm calling it the lawn mower story for now (you may have noticed that it already had a place on the right hand side of the screen under my current WsIP) because there's a lot of gardening happening.

this is going to be a m/m/f menage, folks. i know, right? 

i admit, i was a little a little surprised, too. it's not something i'd ever thought to write, but the characters are so real in my head already. there's a quiet, sensitive man, and a rough, broken guy, and a lady on her way to finding her way home.

lots of crazy, messed up emotions, maybe a bit of a triangle happening, a little touch of quirk that i love so much, and that deep, intimate kind of eroticism that just makes your chest ache. 

over the years, i've read a lot of menage, i'll admit. there are a ton of smoking hot tales out there, filled with scorching sex and lots of fun. but every once in a while, i come across one that focuses on the emotional development or the characters, not just the sex. THESE are the stories that stick with me and i read them over and over. they're just as sensual the third or fourth time around, because there's always a different angle of the emotional aspect that jumps out at me each time i go through them.... 

if you're interested, check out three of my favorites:

Surrender's Edge by Pepper Espinoza
Coming Clean by Inez Kelley
Tempted by Megan Hart

sometimes they have happy endings, and sometimes they don't.

i'm not quite sure where lawn mowers will end up, but i do know it's going to be a trip! i only hope i can pull it off the way that the story deserves to be told.

i think i'll share a snippet this week for 6 Sentence Sunday...check back!

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