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So, now you're here, I'll tell you a little about me.

I write a mix of erotic, contemporary, and apparently women's lit with romantic elements (who knew?!) I like to toss a little quirky fun into most of my stories, but occassionally find myself writing a bit on the dark side. Heartbreak calls to my muse.

Who, by the way, looks like this in my mind:

(credit soakedinbleach on DeviantArt)

Pretty, isn't she? Yah, well, she's also fickle and forgetful and loves to drop bits and pieces of my stories all over the darn place. Meetings at work, driving in the car, during a conversation with a friend. The more inconvenient the situation, the more likely she'll toss a crumb in front of me, it seems!

Eastern Canadian, I'm proud to be part of one of the friendliest counties in the world. That being said, ignore my frequent slips between Canadianese and American - spelling differences and all that jazz.

15 Random Facts about Me:

- I have too many shoes (according to my mother)
- The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie
- I'm slightly obsessed with rage comics and memes
- The book I've read most often in my life is The Hobbit
- Housework is optional as far as I'm concerned
- Sometimes I skip the plot and go right to the sexy bits when I'm reading
- I listen to electronica, with house & trance being my favorites
- I own a mitre saw and know how to use it
- There are over 45 bottles of nail polish in my house
- I use as many green cleaning products (including shampoo) as possible
- Sometimes I sit and watch YouTube videos of reining for hours (look it up!)
- I spend too much time on Facebook and writing forums
- Listening to audiobooks and playing Sudoku is a nightly ritual
- I have a journal of favorite quotes
- Carrot cake with cream cheese icing is one of the best things in the world

I also read/listen to audiobooks a bit too much. wait. is there every such a thing as too much reading?



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You can find me at my website and on Facebook and Twitter, both of which I'm terrible at keeping up. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I'm much more active on Pinterest (pretty clean) and Tumblr (absolutely filthy).

Yeah. So... That's me in a nutshell.

*awkward silence*

Mmmkay bye.