Friday, November 4, 2011

i feel funny

well, at least like reading some funny. or watching.

y'ever have one of those days or weeks where you just want to snark at stuff?

so here are some of my favorite sites to go to when i've got a bitch on and i need to laugh at people:

AutoCowrecks - autocorrection hilarity.

Failbook - status updates that boggle.

TFLN - texts from last night. drunk. stoned. just stupid.

"Single person behavior: I wanted a cookie but was too lazy to 
make or go buy any, so I let cookie dough ice cream melt and 
ate all the chunks. Pantsless."

Warning: all of the above are offensive to those who don't get sarcasm. no clicky.

lastly, I do a lot of visiting to

this site is completely PG, and i find a lot of incredibly cute, funny or neat-o stuff on there. i'm pretty sure i've mentioned this site once or thrice ;)

now, i found the following video on wimp originally, but i'm using the youtube version so i can embed it right into my post (if there's a way to do that from wimp, i'm not that technologically inclined so :P  )

voila! "interesting" aerobic moves. aka Floor Gasm.
the guy is Re-Damn-Diculous.

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