Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday blues


that's all there is to say about today.

my bad days are relatively mild, to be honest, so i don't have much room to bitch and moan here.

but there are days i get woken up by telemarketers asking for money, i don't have what i want for breakfast, i'm out of cream for coffee (i think i need to hit the grocery store) and there's a mountain of laundry waiting for me.

plus, we're getting another 30 centimeters of snow starting tomorrow night, and i don't know where i'm going to put it. my driveway has a very narrow divider between it and the neighbor's, so i'm limited there, and the other side has a bank about 9 feet tall already.

and through the excessive blowing wind, un-plowed roads and white-outs, i'm still expected to make it to work.

on the bright side, my house is relatively clean after having company this weekend, i get to wear jeans to work all week instead of dress clothes, and i got lots of kitty cuddles this morning.

maybe life isn't so rough after all...

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