Saturday, February 26, 2011

broken promises, pain and unbearable excitement!

sooooo... i beginning to think i should give up on promises of writing on this blog every week. i just keep breaking them!

since my last post, i've avoided this place mostly because i haven't been writing. that will change, as you'll find out a little further down in this post ;)

work was exceptionally busy, but i'm experiencing some down time between classes right now, and at least been THINKING about writing, even if i haven't opened a WIP.

we've gotten dumped on by snow AGAIN, and to complicate my life even further, i may or may not have dislocated my knee last Sunday.

i was curling with about 50 people from work and it was my first time trying the sport. i'd been doing pretty good, too, until i finished a slide in the third game. i released my rock, it was going along perfectly, and when i sat up to watch its progress there was a terrible *POP* and then a *SNAP* and i was flat on my back writhing in pain.

so here i am, a week later, still hobbling along on crutches. at least i'll have plenty of time to sit and write! in theory ;)

on to the good news!

the time for RD's mentor program has finally arrived! i sent away my application and now some poor sucker has to whip me and my WIPs into shape (hi Kimberly!)... i promise it won't take much to make me conform - i'm really not into being beaten.

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