Monday, February 7, 2011

yay. monday.

as my mother will probably agree, i'm essentially a lazy person. however, that's not to say i'm not a perfectionist. i just prefer to put in the least amount of effort possible, but still get results.

and that, my friend, is the downfall of my existence.

i really hate not getting something done right, and as a result, i'd much prefer to not do it at all rather than do something half-assed.

but, when i actually DO start something, i put a ton of effort into it.

i will spend hours picking away at a single task. patience is a forte of mine as my student's can attest to! the result is that i get what i want accomplished, so long as i have the time to do it perfectly.

this applies to pretty much every aspect of my being - from doing my hair before work, cooking meals instead of grabbing a bowl of cereal, or tackling a huge reno.

i like the feeling of getting something done and being all organized and stuff. who doesn't?

anyway, that long ramble was supposed to tie into introducing you to Once A Month Cooking (OAMC). yeah, it didn't work out as planned. whatevs.

every so often, i get the hankering to have home-cooked meals. i'm a bagel-on-the-go sorta gal most of the time, so spaghetti or lasagna or some other casserole type dish is a nice treat. the issue is that i don't always have time to make stuff before work or the night before for the next day.

also, since i live alone, a big ol' pan of something would go to waste if i didn't plan ahead and make something that i could freeze.

enter OAMC. great recipes that make a lot, and store tidily into single-serving containers so i can grab and go to work. my favourite is spaghetti sauce - i freeze the sauce, then slap the boiled noodles on top on the day i'm taking it to work. i do this with lasagna, chicken lasagna and other stuff, too.

yeesh. i sound so organized. i really don't know why i don't have more time to write.

anyway, here are some website that house some great OAMC recipes:

Once a Month Cooking

Busy Cooks starter recipes

Once a Month Mom

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