Monday, January 31, 2011

It's Monday again!

dunno about you, but i can't stand when i find something completely mind-blowing online only to forget to bookmark it and then lose it because i can't remember how i found it originally. i then waste an embarrassingly large amount of time trying to search it out again...

no more, people!

no. more.

enter Pinterest

this is a very cool website that keeps all those neat ideas and interesting things organized.

when i find something i'm pretty sure i need to make or buy in the future, i can pin it on one of my boards. i'm also in the midst of making boards of all my book characters! when i see a photo of a model that encompasses what they look like in my head, or a scene from a story, i'm pinning it.

someday, i'll share. promise!

big love


Wordcount (Fail)

Forgiveness - 12,600 13,140/85,000?

I was challenged this week by: even more snow removal, cleaning the house for a guest, and having said guest (which was a complete joy so not complaining!)

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