Wednesday, March 2, 2011

nuts about nerds

i don't know about you, but there's something about a little bit of dorkiness that just makes me melt.

i'm not talking about the hee-hawing, suspender-wearing, can't-make-a-sentence-with-words-less-than-five-syllables-each type - Steve Urkel has never done it for me. but i have a special soft-spot for an I-have-brains-but-don't-feel-the-need-to-rub-it-in-your-face kinda guy.

smarts are ├╝ber-sexy in my books, and I really enjoy having an interesting conversation with a man who's mission is to explore strange new topics. i especially love their quirkiness, off-the-beaten-path humour and veiled references to sci-fi.

even better? when they have a heart of gold, that special touch of bashful humility and are drop-dead gorgeous. besides, i can't think of anything more fun than trying to make a shy-boy blush only to have him turn the table and surprise the socks off of me instead!

in my short story Touch, Finn is a Clinical Psychologist with a maybe-more-than-slight predilection towards geekiness. think math-nerd, Star Wars fandom and just a hint of social awkwardness at times. dude has some serious brains and isn't afraid to use them with confidence, even though his self-esteem took a hit when it comes to bedroom action. still, he's willing to risk what's left of his dignity on a hot night of fantasy with a mystery woman.

he's also built like a god and has a smile that lights up a room, but of course Kass doesn't know that - she's literally in the dark about his looks. while they get to know each other, she's attracted to his humour, attention to detail, and the almost shy way he confesses his deep, dark secrets. on top of all that adorkableness, she gets her mind blown by his surprisingly assertive between-the-sheets skills.

turns out that Finn uses his smarts not only to kick-ass in his career but takes his time to learn what makes a woman happy. and boy-oh-boy, by the end of the night, Kass is one lady glad to be getting-it on with a geek!

he's just the kind of guy i'd like to get my hands on. maybe i should start searching for a local Star Trek convention...

If you're looking to unlock your inner dork, check out this awesome website:

think geek dot com

i'm especially fond of the Tribbles, magic wand tv-remote and omg, pwnies! t-shirt

(photo of Nate Dern from Season 3 of Beauty and the Geek)

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