Monday, January 24, 2011

Manic Mondays!

Wow! It was a busy a busy week - there was snow falling which meant extra travel time needed to get places and errands to run and work was ca-raaazy.

But, I survived.

And now it's Monday and I didn't get a blog-post done last week! So that means TWO this week :D

Since Mondays are traditionally the busiest day for people, I'm dedicating myself to finding helpful ways to make your life easier.

Every Monday, I'll post a site or time-saving tip.

This week, a personal favourite of mine:


This is a website that's all about getting organized. The founding principle? Shine your Sink.

If you take the time to shine your sink before bed every night, this (in theory) means that you've done your dishes and tidied up your kitchen.

It's a fabulous resource on organization and if you sign up, they'll send daily emails with a schedule on what you should accomplish for the day. For example, today is the Great Closet Clean Out!

It really does help develop the GOOD kind of habits and the stuff you've been putting off because you're a champion procrastinator (like me) gets done in practically no time at all.

Give it a try!


Wordcount (Fail)

Forgiveness - 11,915 12,600/85,000?

I was challenged this week by: work being busy, snow removal, lack of inspiration, Karen Marie Moning's newest release that I couldn't stop listening to.

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