Sunday, August 14, 2011

some sunday entertainment

here's an interesting fact about me: unlike the majority of North America, i don't watch tv.

shocking, i know.

but i do entertain myself on my computer quite a bit and have my favorite sites that i check regularly. because i do a lot of stalking online, i'm usually ahead of the curve on viral videos that make their way around facebook or forums. is one i look at almost every day. i've got the android app on my phone. i watch the videos at home. sometimes during class at work, when my trainees need a brain-break, i pull up the site and we check out what the daily offerings are.

they load 6 new videos every day. sometimes they're funny or cute. sometimes they're touching or inspiring. sometimes they make you feel just a little bit smarter. and there is such a plethora of talent out there it blows my mind!

you should watch:

don't you wish you had this in your living room? (my answer is HELL YES!)

seagull steals camera (this one cracks me up every time!)

dancing chihuahua ('nuff said)

queen cover (dude did an awesome job!)

slow loris. with a tiny umbrella. (he loves that umbrella as much as i love him)

ninja cat (one of my all-time favorites)

french bulldog boogies with his owner
(i think this is adorable, especially the end)

cat gets caught barking (stop blaming the neighbor's dog!)

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