Sunday, July 3, 2011

things i've learned...

i've been writing furiously on Diva Diet the past few days (thank goodness for long weekends!) out in the living room on my 'unplugged' laptop.

things come up, though, and in order to not tip into the slippery pit that is the interwebz, i've been using my trusty phone for research and brainstorming.

bless you, wikipedia and, for making android apps!

so here are a few things i've learned while writing this book so far:

1. toronto has more neighborhoods and sub-neighborhoods than i'd ever dreamed.
2. Tucker Max really IS an asshole. 'nuff said.
3. people collect really strange things. like cat whiskers. and barf bags.
4. i wish there was a bistro slash martini bar here
5. monkeys and dragons have a lot of fun together
6. i'd forgotten how much i love reading my horoscope daily
7. the less dry vermouth in a martini, the drier the drink. and 'dirty' means mixing in olive juice.
8. alliteration is addictive.
9. understanding gay men is HARD
10. speed dating and wine aren't the best mix when it's all said and done

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