Friday, August 13, 2010

Total Meltdown.

Almost, at least.

You know that really sick feeling you get when something important to you is lost? You can picture that item, in perfect clarity, and superimpose that image everywhere you think to look.

Well, I wasn't feeling that when I couldn't find my notebook last night/this morning. Call it a sixth sense, but I always know when something is just misplaced, or really and truly lost. I could picture it, that blue cover with Happy Bunny saying some snotty comment, but I wasn't feeling sick. I knew it had to be in the house somewhere.

I searched and looked and actually lifted stuff up to look underneath (usually a surface scan is all the effort I put into finding something) but no notebook.

Finally, I got desperate enough to start checking under the furniture. I admit, I was starting to get a little worried I'd left it at work and someone would get curious and open it up.

Whooeeee... they'd be in for an eye full, let me tell you.

But then I found it. Waaaaay under my bed.

I think it's safe to assume who the culprit was, judging by the state of the cover and binding coils.


*forehead smack*

It's also safe to say the poor book will never be the same after his loving attention.

He's my "speshul" cat, and is constantly doing dumb shit like this. At 10 months old, I am still holding out the hope that he'll develop some sort of maturity; however, I will admit to a little niggling doubt.

Oh, well. That's what makes life with him so interesting.

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  1. Gosh, I'd freak out, too, if I lost my notebook. Not because I write anything even remotely sexually explicit, just because there are very few people I trust with my writing, lol.

    My puppy is only four months old. I have to keep lots of stuff in high places (higher, soon, as he's getting taller) or else I'll probably end up in the similar boat as you. Though, he does like to eat the paper, just not tear it to shreds...