Thursday, August 19, 2010

Somewhere out there...

Because I write contemporary, it's not inconceivable that somewhere, at some point, the story I'm spinning has already come to pass, is happening right now, or will come true soon.

That theory just blows my brains if I think too hard about it, but in my mind, be it consciously or subconsciously, when I put my fingers to keyboard I really believe I'm telling someone's tale.

Sure, the names and settings are different, and each conversation runs a slightly different course, but somewhere out there in the big, bad world, there's a Liam telling a Tori to fuck off before stalking out the door.

There's a Kari living the best life she knows how while looking over her shoulder because there's something bad following her.

And there are Finn's and Kass' having explosive sex all over the place (hopefully!)

I really, truly believe that this conviction adds an extra spark to a writer's work.

True, I don't have the ability of changing the course of those people living parallel to what's in my imagination. It twists me up a bit that not everyone has a Happily Ever After like the characters I'm writing about.

But it's that bit of "real" that resonates with a reader, and makes them cheer, even for the assholes on their way to redemption.

So, next time you sit and put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, think beyond the story you're telling to the real people out there living it.

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