Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sneaky Peeks

Sometimes, when I'm just about to fall asleep for the night, I have flashes of a scene from the stories I'm working on. If I'm lucky, I'm still coherent enough to switch on my bedside lamp and scribble down the details in my ever-present notebook so I remember it in the morning.

This is one such excerpt of a scene from Touch, which I thought I'd share because it makes ME giggle every time I read it.

Call me over-confident, but I just love this story. :)


Cripes, she was waffling.

Do it. Don’t do it.

She’d never been a waffler. Quick decisions were her specialty. She did like waffles though, and now that she was being one, she couldn’t help but wonder if Finn liked maple syrup with his waffles or would chocolate do? Because they didn’t have any maple on the bedside table.

Or, maybe he’d rather whipped cream. Scratch that, they only had spray cheese.

An image of herself, laid out on a giant plate like an offering, while a tall, broad, faceless man blasted her nude body with goopy cheese in a can flitted through her brain. She bit her lip, hard, but the breathy, slightly crazy sounding giggle escaped anyway.

Holy shit, she was going insane. What was wrong with her?

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