Monday, July 5, 2010


Well, the first couple of days are behind me with the WAW round-robin critique, and I've stopped dreaming about it.

I was on Diva Chat talking about it, and I mentioned that I'd dreamed about getting a ton of warm and fuzzy crits. Someone (Hi Em, even though I highly doubt you'd ever read my tiny little blog!) said that it may not all be warm and fuzzy, but I'd at least get petted. She assured me there'd be no slapping.

My first crit was no such a happy occurance. There was definitely no petting... but no slapping. So, Karma remains my un-petted, yet un-slapped WIP.

The comments were helpful to the extreme though. It's abundantly clear that I need to outline that this is NOT a guardian angel story from the prologue. And come up with a name for what the heck the hero is.

And then I experienced some heavy petting. It was loverly.

I have had a mixed review on Touch, and a positive one. Again, all of the comments were useful to me - I have visions of how to strengthen the story, even if I have no time to apply them this week *pout*

Two happy readers with DiD, for which I'm both grateful and guilty about.

See, the thing is... I have no plot.

Well, let me qualify that. There is a plot. But it's totally transparent, the ending sucks, and there are so many holes it would sink in about 2 seconds flat. What it does have is a wonderful heroine, IMO.

Kari is... a spitfire.

Ok, she doesn't like that word. How about... highly opinionated and self-sufficient with little-to-no filter on her mouth.


She doesn't like that description either.

To which I reply, "Suck it up, yappy-face. I'm writing the damned story."

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