Monday, September 23, 2013

holy hotness

those who know me even a little are aware i'm an avid pinterester (totally just made up that word) but i have a lot of personal friends and family who follow me on there and i don't like to melt their eyeballs with cocks and pussy. but i always felt a little restricted, like something was missing from my online life. so i finally caved this week and joined tumblr. honestly, there is some dirty, dirty stuff out there. 

i LOVE it!

i've taken down the silly little man page i had going on, because seriously people, tumblr is where it's at. if you don't like pure eroticism, if you don't like man-man-girl, and if you don't like lots of nudity, do not go there. go to my pinterest pages, you belong in one of my books or these are my characters, instead!

if you *do* happen to like all those things, you're going to be tickled! and turned on. ha!

so, tumblr on in to sexiness ;)

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