Tuesday, December 20, 2011

8 things i always mess up during the holidays

i was trying to get Elli to pose with the bear a couple of years ago. the only expression i got was "you crazy, mom."

1. i always forget to send cards until it's too late. most get there on time, but inevitably one or two don't. (sorry Lisa)
2. i procrastinate on buying two gifts until two days before and then curse at the crowds of other people doing the same thing
3. there are no decorations up at my house. unless you count the snowman teapot that i've had out since last year...hey! i live alone, it's no biggie, right?
4. i eat way too much junk. zero willpower. c'mon. you know what i'm talking about.
5. i can never find my Christmas hair clips and other ridiculous jewellery until after
6. one or both of my cats always chew the corner of my wrapped gifts. it's like an addiction for them!
7. my bows doesn't always match my wrapping paper, but that's usually because i wrap some of the things on Christmas morning before going to my parents' place
8. i volunteer to make a dessert for the Big Dinner, then forget to buy supplies for making said dessert

so far i've managed to beat #4, but the rest? 

i think they're tradition now ;)

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