Monday, October 24, 2011

aaaah...staycation time!

two. whole. weeks.


it's alright to be jealous. who doesn't want sixteen glorious days of not having to go to work? there are no plans to travel on my part...i'm planning on sticking close to home and getting stuff done. and i'm definitely not going to complain that my first two days were spent mostly in bed recovering from a bout of pneumonia. i still have lots and lots of time!

here are my favorite things to do on staycation:

10. spend an hour or so at the dollar store, just because i have the time and it's not expensive
9. find a bunch of awesome new music and dance around the house like an idiot
8. renovate. this will include my bedroom so my purty new purple bedspread can become useful
7. clean out my closet so i have room for new clothes, which i will then go out and buy
6. put my house in order because it feels good to be organized
5. stay up really late saying "just one more page..." on memebase
4. lay on the couch listening to audiobooks for hours at a time and play sudoku. or bejewelled may be time to hit that 1 million score
3. try out some new recipes and get some OAM cooking done
2. catch up with friends over a latte
1. write and write and write and not feel guilty

what are the things you love to do when you've got time off your normal job?

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