Sunday, June 19, 2011

pitching a fit

true to my nature, i've swung from the furiously reading spectrum back into the furiously writing one.

i have a new story and i *love* it.

while doing my reading thing, i'd been waiting for a new erotic plot bunny to bounce into my yard. instead, i found a really cute romantic comedy. an erotic one followed closely behind but no! too late! i've managed to take just a few notes and do a shut out of that one.

on top of maniacally making notes and outlining the RomCom, Romance Divas' Not Going to Conference Conference is fast approaching. this is a fabulous stretch of workshops, spotlights and door-prizes for the folks who can't make it to the big RWA conference.

one of the wonderful opportunities is to pitch to both Ellora's Cave and Carina Press. i'm THRILLED to be able to pitch my new story to CP because i think it would be a great fit with that publisher.

the problem is that i don't have a clue on writing three-line pitches. thank goodness for Em, Google and plenty of practice time! lol

according to Em, i need:

Heroine & conflict, meet Hero & conflict

not only is this a great opportunity, but it's actually made me focus on the baseline of my story. i've got lots of plot happening, but underneath it all, i've discovered there are no stakes. there's nothing keeping my characters apart after a certain point.

i've got me some decisioning to do!

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