Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Despite a hectic week on the home front and at work, I've managed to attract the attention of a very persuasive plot bunny.

I succumbed without much fight, and am now happily feeding and nurturing the persistent little thing into a bright, glittery, new story.

Touch is not on the back-burner per say (I have picked away a bit here and there when there's time), but ideas for this new story just keep popping into my brain randomly, and I can't resist jotting down notes.

Next week will be just as busy I'm afraid, with no real time to sit and write, but I think I'll give this bunny free roam in the caverns of my mind in the meantime.

Hopeful outcome - another short/novella that explores the intricate repercussions of actions and thought -it's Karma, baby!

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