Friday, January 13, 2012

Fiction Friday - Late Harvest by Suzanne Barrett

by Suzanne Barrett
 Kurt von Daniken wants only one thing from Glenna Ryan: The key to making Eiswein - Ice Wine. Five years ago, while working at his family's California winery, she'd begun developing the method to simulate wine made from grapes gathered after a freeze.
Glenna wants only one thing from the von Danikens: To be left in peace to raise her son who suffers from a birth defect and needs an expensive surgery to repair it. When Kurt suddenly appears at her home, demanding she return to Cresthaven and complete the process, Glenna knows the money she'll earn by doing so will provide Robbie the treatment he needs. She also knows she'll risk having her heart broken, again by Kurt.
"...emotional intensity that will hold you characterization...highly recommended!" ~Lisa Mondello, Lover's Knot
“Full of emotional stress, insecurities, and misconstrued assumptions, Late Harvest throbs with unrequited love.” ~LASR Reviews

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