Monday, November 25, 2013

gimme some power

some folks don't know that i enjoy working with my hands.

POWER TOOLS, people!  and not just battery operated ones, ha!

it's not a lot of fun renovating on my own, though, so my parents often come to help me in my house because they're retired, and they both love fixing things up as well.

recently i've been working on a boudoir. it's going to be a place where i can do my hair and make-up, where my shoes and scarves and nailpolish all have a place to hang out. i want lots of fun art and, of course, a shelf full of my favorite books right next to a comfy reading chair.

so after tearing off all the trim, the electrical, the doors and plastering all the damaged spots (my house is old!), we painted, installed all new trim, new doors, new electrical, new lighting, crown moulding, blinds and a curtain rod. yes, i know how to use the air compressor and nail gun.

the room is almost done. all that's left is to organize the closet and bring in the furniture.

did i happen to say i bought an antique vanity dresser with a swivel mirror? no?  so i probably didn't mention, either, that i stripped the ugly brown paint off it and painted it bright magenta with black hardware and branches and birds.

it's magnificent. i'll post photos soon!