Friday, January 27, 2012

Fiction Friday ~ The Most Intimate Wish by Faith Bicknell

The Most Intimate Wish 

by Faith Bicknell

All she wants is a husband and family. All they need is for her to believe.

When Dinah and Jeff move in to be the Wheillercarts’ companions, their lives change for the better and the worse. Dinah loves Jeff, but after five years together, he still refuses to marry her, and Dinah’s dreams of starting a family begin to crumble. Regardless of their hot lovemaking sessions, she fears Jeff is cheating on her. Dinah will do anything to keep Jeff, even if it means sharing him with another woman.

However, strange occurrences and a seemingly psychic landlady keep Dinah guessing about her life and relationship with Jeff. And what about the bizarre statue in their landlady’s atrium? Little does Dinah know it holds the key to her most intimate wish.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Fiction Friday - Late Harvest by Suzanne Barrett

by Suzanne Barrett
 Kurt von Daniken wants only one thing from Glenna Ryan: The key to making Eiswein - Ice Wine. Five years ago, while working at his family's California winery, she'd begun developing the method to simulate wine made from grapes gathered after a freeze.
Glenna wants only one thing from the von Danikens: To be left in peace to raise her son who suffers from a birth defect and needs an expensive surgery to repair it. When Kurt suddenly appears at her home, demanding she return to Cresthaven and complete the process, Glenna knows the money she'll earn by doing so will provide Robbie the treatment he needs. She also knows she'll risk having her heart broken, again by Kurt.
"...emotional intensity that will hold you characterization...highly recommended!" ~Lisa Mondello, Lover's Knot
“Full of emotional stress, insecurities, and misconstrued assumptions, Late Harvest throbs with unrequited love.” ~LASR Reviews

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fiction Friday - Rescue Me by Jennifer Johnson

Yes, last week got skipped, but only because of the holiday craziness that besets everyone. But don't despair!

Fiction Friday is back with a great one:

Rescue Me

by Jennifer Johnson

Sitting in front of her parents’ house in a U-Haul truck at midnight, Amy Mann decides it’s time to break it to them that she’s divorced from her husband and moving back home with her seven-year-old son, Toby. As Amy settles into her hometown, she has a plan to get out of debt, get her college degree, and put her life together.

Enter Captain Riley Pennimon, local firefighter and superhero to Amy’s son. Riley is kind, brave, and civic-minded. The captain does not fit into Amy’s putting-her-life-together plan, and yet he is way too good looking without a shirt. Much to Amy’s chagrin, Toby decides that Riley is just what they need for a happily-ever-after.

But, can Amy make peace with the demons of her mistakes and let the captain rescue her? And…can Riley let go of the pain of his past and grab onto the family he’s always wanted?
From the reviews:

"Rescue Me, by Jennifer Johnson, is chock-full of Southern wit and wisdom, quirky characters who tell it like it is, and good old wholesome humor that is sure to delight. ~ Romance author, Maddie James

"Jennifer Johnson's Rescue Me is everything a good read should be-interesting, poignant, filled with enough conflict to keep the reader engaged, and peppered with sparkling dialogue. Add two needy protagonists, a cute little boy, quirky yet charming secondary characters, a small town in Mississippi, and you have a recipe for success." ~Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer and Romance Author, Suzanne Barrett

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